Jennifer - Lives in Melb, thirty something, loves the Sims & white chocolate.
Currently playing the Goddard Legacy in Lucky Palms and Aidan & Sylvia in Rook Island.
Kind of all over the place atm since I resigned from my job, but I still try to update when I can. Simming keeps me sane & happy. ;) I also own a horse and write a Sims 3 story on blogger called Freedom Shores.

Thanks for checkin' out my simblr! XD
Just some smooching on the couch. <3

Just some smooching on the couch. <3

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Not the claw! XD

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Here are the remainder of the snaps I took the other day-week or whenever it was. lol It really is such a pleasure to be able to go up to the horse paddock everyday twice a day and feed and hug these guys, and gals. ;) They can almost make you forget your worries.

1. A mare called Surprise 2. Surprise’s offspring a filly called Sapphire 3. My Shadow cause I dunno. lol 4. Not a very good pic of one of the native duck’s that always waddle up the paddock to feed at the bits that Zac drops onto the ground. Sometimes I feed them pellets by hand, they are so cute and they have this beautiful bright green under their wings, you can only see it when they fly off tho.  

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Amy is quite the chef, mainly because she has nothing else to do all day besides looking after Malika. lol And once again Marcus showing his dedication to teaching his daughter.

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Amy is better suited at performing the daily chores for her daughter than teaching her. ;)

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Amy was trying hard to not get frustrated at her daughter but Malika just wasn’t understanding the words mummy was trying to teach her. lol Men must have more patience because Marcus ended up teaching Malika to talk in the end. 

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Marcus is a dedicated daddy and always makes sure to spend quality time with his daughter Malika.

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Freedom Shores update »Solsbury Hill

Outtakes to follow soon. :)

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1. a douchey smile, lol 2. I don’t even know 3. what happens when I run out of wine. 4. me with my beautiful old boy Zac. 

Was a bit snap happy today and I got two calls for job interviews, yay! Finally after 3wks of applying I got some flippin’ calls! lol Next Tuesday are my interviews. *bites nails* I think I’ll be okay tho, just gotta prepare beforehand but I’m going to try my best cause there’s a particular one I’d really really like to get and it’s also an opportunity for more $$$, which really only happens when you change jobs. Sad but true, not many companies give good pay rises anymore.

Hope everyone had a good week & happy Friday! :)

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The Riverside

Lot Size - 40x30

Lot Type - Residential

Hi guys, this is not a makeover but an original house built and created from the very ground up by me! :) It was created in 2011 and uploaded onto tsr, those were the days. lol Anyhoo, placement was in Riverview but obviously you can plonk it down anywhere in any hood with the same lot size.

It’s quite a large home with spacious living/dining area, it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a double garage. Over sized pool with alfresco area and also a playground. You can check out more shots here.

There is some cc showing in the shots but I pretty sure I removed those before saving the file and I also used a few store items too, but your game will replace those with default objects.

DOWNLOAD (Sims3Pk File)

Please do not re-upload & claim as your own, cause that wouldn’t be very nice. ;o lol Enjoy!

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Slow dancin’ in the kitchen. :)

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