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Everyone loves spag bowl!

Everyone loves spag bowl!

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Sylvia flicks on the stereo and then starts preparing spag bowl for lunch and Aidan quickly checks/responds to his work emails. He still works in the medical career. ;)

And I know I was going to take a mini hiatus but agh, these two are making me so happy right now so yeah. Gotta do what makes you happy, right? I dunno, think I just feel guilty or something cause I’m not working and cause I haven’t had any call backs from the many jobs I’ve applied for. I went real hard last week in applying. I’ve also been going thru our finances and it is seriously making my brain fry but I’m trying to stay calm and not let it drain the life out of me yet. :|

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Anonymous said:
Hi did you populate Rook Island or did you download it somewhere else? If you populated it yourself would you mind sharing?

Hi Anon! I actually didn’t think about this till I received your question. lol

I downloaded Rook Island as an empty hood from Sim3time (& Liegt) and so far Aidan & Sylvia are the only sims living in it. I haven’t yet added any community lots so there isn’t really much to do there for any sims atm, but you can populate an empty hood by turning on story progression. ;)

9 hours ago   &   1

*sighs* Okay I think I’ve forgotten how to play too.

So doing this *makes stiff pose and serious expression* isn’t how you play?

Very funny.

*Giggles* I’m hungry, let’s make some lunch!

Hang on, I think I just remembered…

10 hours ago   &   13

So how do you play this?

It’s Dominoes babe, haven’t you ever played?

Maybe, I can’t remember.

It’s pretty easy, just watch me.


1 day ago   &   20

Ooohh, what’s out there? *pushes sliding open and walks out* Ooohh, a pretty garden!


*squeals, giggles, squeals* Guess I had that coming, didn’t I?

Yep, you sure did. *plants kiss on fiancee’s cheek*

1 day ago   &   17

Ooohh, this is exciting! *squeals* Come on honey, you’re lagging behind!

I’m right behind you babe.

Ooohh, it’s pretty and.. aghh, I’m so thirsty! *fills glass with water from tap* The taps work honey!

I would hope they do.

1 day ago   &   19

Aidan & Sylvia in Rook Island

Aidan’s office/study.

1 day ago   &   20

Aidan & Sylvia in Rook Island

Main bedroom and lounge room, and some shenanigans on the wall. ;)

1 day ago   &   30

Aidan & Sylvia in Rook Island

Kitchen and meals.

1 day ago   &   21

*Surprisingly pounces on fiance’s back and showers him in kisses*

Babe, the neighbors. We should probably wait till we’re inside before..

Oh, let them watch! I’m so excited and happy right now honey, and I just love you so much!

I love you too babe. 

3 days ago   &   18

Oh Aidan, *sigh* this really our new home?

Sure is babe.

Well I think it’s perfect!


Yep, I’ve moved Aidan & Sylvia to Rook Island! :D A small but very lovely and super cosy hood by Liegt & Sims3time.

I’ve been thinking about Aidan & Sylvia lately and how much I miss playing them and writing there little story. Not going to spill the beans but they won’t be going back to App Plains, sorry folks. I think I stopped playing that save for too long and lost the will to crank it up again. It’s all good tho, because I’m pretty happy with this hood and I think it will be the perfect place for them to settle after another mishap with Sylvia, but more on that later. ;)

3 days ago   &   18